Leak Detection Phoenix, AZ

Find the Source of Your Plumbing Problem

We offer leak detection services in Phoenix, AZ

While you may be aware of a dripping faucet, it’s the leaks you can’t see that can cause the biggest problems. Phoenix Leak Detection offers professional leak detection services to locate the source of the problem when you’re dealing with water in your home.

If you have a concrete slab foundation, we can locate the pipes under the slab to find the location of the leak. We pay attention to detail so we can provide the plumber who fixes the problem with all the information they’ll need.

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5 indications you have a leak in your home

If a leak goes untreated, a small amount of water can quickly add up to costly repair bills. You should call right away for leak detection if you notice:

  1. The sound of running water when none is being used
  2. The appearance of mildew
  3. A sudden increase in your water bill
  4. Wet spots on your walls, floors or ceiling
  5. Hot spots forming in your floors

We’ll find out why you’re losing water. Contact Phoenix Leak Detection for a plumber who can identify the problem in Phoenix, AZ.